Monday, September 7, 2009

El Barcelona and a catchup

Hi all,

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well as you might have guessed, we didn´t end up getting married again as we didn´t have enough time to see everything that was there. We also didn´t have enough time to gamble much, i think we spent a total of ten USD in the slot machines and didnt win any of the million dollar jackpots. Oh well, means we actually have to pay for this trip afterall. Better email the bank manager asking to extend our mortgage. Sigh.

Getting to Paris was not fun. 3 flights totalling 15 hours plus 6 hours in airports was bad enough. However, then we found that the old 747 on the longest flight, and this means less leg room. Flights have never been terribly comfortable for poor old 6 foot 4 Glenn, so every cm counts. The flight was oversold so they were turning people away as well, but the worst thing was that the guy sitting in front of glenn insisted on trying to put his seat back and ramming it into his knees all the time. He spoke english and understood what was being said, but kept thinking that Glenn´s legs would magically shrink in the time that we were flying. glenn was completely over the whole thing by the time we got to paris, so we forked out the $40 euros for a taxi to the hotel. It was worth every penny. The hotel room was pretty small (you could just walk around the double bed), but we expected that. The great thing was the location. We could look out the window and see the top of the eiffel tower. 20m from the hotel there was a little supermarket, cafe bars and a whole street with patisseries, cheese, wine, fruit and flower shops. It was awesome and felt like we lived there. The metro wasn´t far away so we could get to the lourve etc. The lourve was phenomenal. I think that we did 2 out of 3 sections which was pretty good for about 4 hours. We then got on the hop on hop off bus and did a circuit seeing most of the sights, including the champs elysee, arc de triomphe, trocadero, notre dame, river seine and of course the eiffel tower. We spent 2 days exploring the city and it was no where near long enough. It was an awesome 1st anniversary though, I bet we can´t top that next year.

We are here in barcelona and about to board our cruise ship. Barcelona is nice and the best thing we have seen was the Magic fountain show which was part of a night tour that we did last night. It is a huge fountain that for 10 minutes every hour bursts into a show incorporating light and sound with the fountain. The rest of the night tour was ok, there are some fantastic buildings around the city ( like a church whose name escapes me, but it has been under construction for 100 years). The architect Gaudi features everywhere, and you can spot his work a mile away as it is more like an artwork than a building. Another highlight was of course drinking sangria in the sun yesterday. It has certainly been hot (over 30deg).

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