Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ahh Internet......

Hi all,

we are alive! I promise!

The problem has been that I refuse to pay 65c US per MINUTE for internet while on the cruise and most of the days a spent climbing monuments and not finding internet cafes.

We are today in Dubrovnik Croatia and it truly is a beautiful little walled city. We are going to climb and walk around the wall soon, but was desparate for the internet so decided to do this first.

We have been to many wonderful places.

CANNES - the french riviera
Is a lovely spot with so much character. and lots of casinos. Go figure. We took a tour around the town and up to the castle on the hill, then had a nosey around the boat regatta in the marina. Dad - we found you a boat or two.....

Florence\Pisa - Italy

Wow, florence was beautiful. So much to look at it this old city. We joined 2 other couples that are at our dinner table and hired a cab for the day to take us to florence and Pisa. He was fabulous and spoke pretty good english. We saw the most colourful ( and biggest )church we have ever seen, and the old town bridge over the river. we decided against q'ing for the real david statue and settled for the replica in a nearby square. Pisa was very cool and well worth going to have a look at. They are currently cleaning up the leaning tower and it looks good.


Because we are going back to rome after the cruise we decided not to go into Rome, we instead stayed around the port town and found the markets were were very good. everything was 5 euros ($10). bought some trinkets.


By now I had a throat infection so wasn't feeling the best. I had to pay $135USD to the Dr on the ship to get antibiotics. Anyway, my big thing to see in Naples was Pompei, so we found our way to the trainstaion and bought tickets and got told to go to platform 3. The problem was that there were 3 platform 3's. Eventually we found the right one and were on our way. We paid the extr 10 Euros each for the english speaking tour guide and he was definitley worth it. He had a wealth of information. We even went into a brothel that was well preserved and had "menu items" as pictures above each bedroom door. They also had very phallic arrows on the buildings and in the streets pointing to the "Luminaries". Overall it was definitely worth going to see, but boy was it hot!

Santorini - Greece
Beautiful. Just like the pictures. The ship is anchored in the harbour and you take a tender boat to the bottom of the cliffs. You then have 3 choices of getting to the town at the top. Walk 589 steps, take a donkey up the 589 steps or take the gondola. we chose the gondola, which I loved, but Glenn hated. We walked back down avoiding donkeys and donkey doo, and that was hard work too. felt sorry for those walking up!

Athens - Greece
The Acropolis with the parthenon is an amazing experience - but not so much with thousands of people trying to get up there at the same time!! but it was worth the hike. we then did the hop on hop off bus around the city and went shopping in the old part of the town - the Plaka.

Oh we love sea days too. Forced days of rest on a cruise are just what you need so you don't burn out completely.

And now we are in dubrovonik, and tomorrow venice and the end of the cruise!! that will be a sad time we have loved the cruise.

I am sorry about the lack of photos, but we never know when we are going to get internet and dont carry the usb cable. but there will be lots at the end!



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