Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sun, Shopping and Strawberries!

Hi All,

Don't worry, I wont keep doing the alliteration thing.....=0).

A short post as we are waiting for our ride to the airport as we are now off to vegas. Hollywood has been grand and we could have spent more time here easily. Went and saw celebrity homes yesterday, well mostly trees and gates, no actual celebrities. Our guide was very cool, but it was WAY too hot, to enjoy it. We then went shopping at a place called the gove and found a Ross dress for less. We could easily have pent a fortune here, but bought a couple more pairs of shorts each instead.

Last night we had an awesome dinner at the foundation room at the house of blues. Expensive but a great place. We were too late for the comedy club though, so that was a shame.

Today we have done the wax museum and the chinese theatre tour which were both great fun. We have lots of photos with wax figures, and of course Michael Jackson. Being his Birthday the last few days there is a little shrine around his star on the walk of fame, as well as still outside the house where he died ( yes we saw that too, it is just around the corner from one of elvis' houses and the playboy mansion, go figure!).

The strawberries here are devine and of course in season, so we have had plenty of them. A strawberry lemonade is a new fav of mine!

More soon! Although it might not be free in vegas!

G & T

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Holiday, honeymoon, hollywood, hooters & heat stroke!

So we made it to LA! And into hollywood.

Neither of us really got any sleep on the plane, and boy was it a long flight. Thankfully there were some good movies to watch. The Irwin family ( croc hunters wife and kids ) were ahead of us atcustoms, does that count as star spotting? Our hotel is in a great spot, basically right behind the chinese theatre\walk of fame & and shopping mall.

After arriving into 36 degree heat, we had a couple of hours in the hotel for a kindy sleep, then went for a wonder. We didn't think that we were in much of an area until we walked through the mall, then all the lights and tourists hit you. Wow! We took photos of the hollywood sign from a good vantage point at the mall, took photos with a wax Samuel L. Jackson outside Madame Taussauds (sp?)and then had dinner at Hooters. Yip it had to be done.

By then my head was moaning about the heat and we were bushed so went back to get some sleep. We are about to go and do a cheesy hop on - off bus around the attractions and movie star homes. Hehehe, celebrity stalking at its best.

Right. out into the heat again, armed with lots of water. We will put up some photos a bit later.


Glenn & Tamar

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Less than a week to go and still heaps to do!

Hi All,

Well I couldn't very well go on an amazing trip and not blog about it could I? So here we are.

On friday the 28th of August 2009, Glenn and I will embark on a rather large adventure. We will fly out from these fair shores in search of sun, sea and pure awe. We are going on our honeymoon, but rather than a few days in raro, we will be travelling for 34 days through europe ( via vegas! ). We are sure to come home tired and broke, but you have to do it at least once right?

So, stay tuned for further updates on whether or not we get lost, miss our connecting flights or forget to book hotels for part of the trip!

Glenn & Tamar