Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sun, Shopping and Strawberries!

Hi All,

Don't worry, I wont keep doing the alliteration thing.....=0).

A short post as we are waiting for our ride to the airport as we are now off to vegas. Hollywood has been grand and we could have spent more time here easily. Went and saw celebrity homes yesterday, well mostly trees and gates, no actual celebrities. Our guide was very cool, but it was WAY too hot, to enjoy it. We then went shopping at a place called the gove and found a Ross dress for less. We could easily have pent a fortune here, but bought a couple more pairs of shorts each instead.

Last night we had an awesome dinner at the foundation room at the house of blues. Expensive but a great place. We were too late for the comedy club though, so that was a shame.

Today we have done the wax museum and the chinese theatre tour which were both great fun. We have lots of photos with wax figures, and of course Michael Jackson. Being his Birthday the last few days there is a little shrine around his star on the walk of fame, as well as still outside the house where he died ( yes we saw that too, it is just around the corner from one of elvis' houses and the playboy mansion, go figure!).

The strawberries here are devine and of course in season, so we have had plenty of them. A strawberry lemonade is a new fav of mine!

More soon! Although it might not be free in vegas!

G & T

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  1. Incase you were wondering, the irwins were on your plane because bindi was being a host at the 39th annual day time TV emmy awards. like I know you really wanted to know that...dmlza!